1000 Watt Consulting Maps Real Estate Web 2.0

by Jeff Turner on August 24, 2007

There are some bright guys over at 1000 Watt Consulting.

1000 Watt Consultin Real Estate Web 2.0 MapIf you’ve never visited their blog, I highly recommend you do. Brian Boero and Marc Davison are thinkers, and creative thinkers at that. So I listen when they speak. And now they’ve decided to speak about Real Estate Web 2.0.

We included only companies focused on the U.S. housing market. There are plenty of great property sites in Europe, but, again, we wanted to present something that lists the most relevant companies, not the most.

With posts like Social Media Haiku thrown in between commentary on the credit mess and the need for MLS systems to get social…. you’re not going to get bored. But you’re definitely going to learn something.

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