A Great Idea Gets Better With New RES Flyer Templates

by Jeff Turner on January 26, 2008

Your “Just Moved” Shows Can Now Be Turned Into Electronic Greeting Cards.

Outside of listings, the most popular way to use Real Estate Shows is with clients who have just purchased a new home. We call them “Just Moved” Shows.

They are popular, because they work. They work because they make your buyer feel good about their purchase and about you. They work because your clients will send them to their friends and family, creating a mini viral event. Now, you can use four new RES Flyer templates to spice them up.

New Just Moved We’re Moving Templates At Real Estate Shows

A “Just Moved” Show is easy to create. Just take a few photos of your buyer clients standing in front of their new home, or smiling in one of the rooms, and make a Show that they can use to announce that they’re moving. Or go take the photos on the day they are moving in and extend the relationship beyond the closing. They will be compelled to forward their Show to their friends and family. And experience tells us that they do. Why? Because everyone loves a home at the time they buy it and everyone loves to talk about themselves. It’s that simple.

What’s in it for you? Your make your client feel good and you get to reach their network of friends with an implied referral. Now you can send them the RES Flyer link instead of the basic Show. This will feel much more like a personalized electronic greeting card.

Click here to view a sample “Just Moved” Show.

Jeff Turner, President of RealEstateShows.com

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