A Lot Of Twittering Going On

by Jeff Turner on March 31, 2007

Things I’ve overheard on Twitter:

twitterific reflectionMore than a few folks have emailed me asking about Twitter, my thoughts on it, and why we added the “twitter this” button everywhere. Those are all good questions.

I wish I had some definitive answers. I’m still not convinced what it’s ultimate purpose will be, but one thing it has done for me is give me the ability to monitor the thought streams of “My Friends” on Twitter. While it’s true that some of that though stream is just plain silly, a good number of interesting nuggets of thought and links to sites I might not have found otherwise have come as a result. I use a Mac only application called Twitteriffic. It makes it simple to monitor the “micro blogs” coming from these friends. Here are a few examples:

Robert Scoble: “Many devs I meet are going to Macs and won’t likely to switch back to Windows to develop apps (at least in startups).”

Paul Terry Walhus: “http://www.austin360.com/ne… is today’s Austin American Statesman piece about twitter”

dan7 (Australia): “checking out the 100 year photoblog. http://www.shorpy.com/

Michael Arrington: ” ok, news is announced. press release (our first) will go over the wires in about an hour. http://tinyurl.com/29sg3a” (Strong Words, and an apparent April Fool’s joke)

Michael Arrington: ” first joost commercial…i expected something a little more exciting. http://tinyurl.com/2aklgv” (Joost)

Jason Calacanis if twitter down time is any indication they are going to be 2x as big as EBAY”

Loren Nason: “working on a project blogger site”

Paul Chaney: “This could get addictive. . .for a while at least”

Ines Hegedus-Garcia: “Reading: “The JottBlog Experiment” (http://tinyurl.com/2qyqtg)”

Pat Kitano: “Jeff Turner ResPres has gotten me into twittering… he has his pulse on everything techneat.” (thanks, Pat!)

ResPres: “Having Fun” at the new Sellsius site: http://sellsiusrealestate.com”

Unfortunately, Twitter does not give you access to information older than 24 hours in your friends stream. These are just a few tidbits from the past 24 hours. Where is this Twitter buzz leading? I don’t know for sure. The point is, I don’t need to know for sure. It has already provided value and a way to connect with people and ideas I certainly would not have otherwise. Heck, CNN started streaming breaking news there, so who knows what’s coming next.

Should you check it out? Sure. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. If you do go sign up, come back here and try the “Twitter This” button. Then you’ll know why we did it.

Can I guarantee you’ll “get it?” No. I’m not sure I do. 🙂
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