A Memorial To A Fallen Friend

by Jeff Turner on May 27, 2007

Dave Morehead Framed

Dave Morehead understands the true meaning of Memorial Day. A few days ago, after reading about our Memorial Day idea, Dave shared with me a couple of short, but powerful emails.

Jeff, Thank you for sharing your idea. Thought you might like to see what I did last night using your idea. Thanks for allowing me to finally be able to come to terms with that whole nightmare of what so many of us, both as Vets and as a nation, went through. Dave.
[A Tribute To My Best Friend]

I see a lot of Shows. So it takes a lot to make me tear up. Dave’s Show made me well up with tears. So, I asked Dave for permission to share his Show and his story with everyone on Memorial Day. Dave agreed it would be an appropriate way to honor the memory of his best friend, Chuckie Davenport.

I met Chuckie through a friend of mine when I was about sixteen years old.

It’s hard to imagine how you can have so many memories of someone from so many years ago. I guess one reason was that we had so much in common.

Cruisin up & down Las Olas blvd. on Ft. Lauderdale beach on a warm July night, “checkin” out the girls.

Climbing the gate to one of the mansions right on the beach, then having the scare of our lives as we were frantically trying to beat a path back over the fence when two Doberman Pincers came chasing after us. We didn’t know anyone lived there, we thought the place was haunted.

Going camping up around Lake Okeechobee… shootin’ off firecrackers at 2:00 a.m.

Going fishing at the drop of a hat. The time he almost shot me by accident when we were target shooting at Snake Creek. He didn’t offer an apology. I can still hear his voice when he said, “Man, you gotta get the safety fixed on this thing”

He was the kind of guy that could go up and plant a kiss on any girl he had never seen before… and get away with it.

Ironically, our paths crossed when I had just gotten out of Army training in Feb. ’68 and was on leave just prior to being sent to Germany and he was on leave the same time before being sent to Vietnam. One of the last things I remember was him saying: “I gotta go get my picture taken tomorrow, I guess my mom wants a picture of me in case something happens over there”…

Chuckie was killed 24 days after arriving in Vietnam.

Dave, this Memorial Day I am thankful for you. And I am thankful for all of those, like Chuckie, who placed themselves in harms way and paid the ultimate price for the freedoms I often take for granted.

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