A New Show Category: Offline

by realestateshows on January 16, 2008

A very common email came into our customer service department last week. It was a request we get fairly often and it went like this, “I deleted a Show from my account and was wondering if you could bring it back.”

Sometimes this was a mistake, a show was deleted by accident. Since we don’t really delete shows, we would happily “bring it back to life.” But sometimes, a show was deleted because it was the only way to remove it from public view. This removed the show from the account and required a phone call or email to customer support to bring it back.

We thought you should have more control over this. So we’ve added a new Show category called “offline.” When you move a Show into this category, it is no longer visible to the public. The Show, however, remains in the account and you can edit it and view it from inside your account. And you can bring the Show “back to life” by moving it into any of the other Show categories.

This video will Show you how it works.

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