A Very Colorful Show, A Bright Idea

by Sarah Cooper on June 21, 2007

Becky TrouttWhile browsing through posts on Active Rain a couple days ago, I found this one by Becky Troutt of Reynolds Realty.

The pictures were so bright and fun, I couldn’t resist asking, “Do you have a Real Estate Show of this?” She didn’t, but she made one just so I could share it with you! (Thanks, Becky!) Becky’s post and Show are a great way for locals and newcomers to learn about a one-of-a-kind place to shop. Looks like a very fun place!

Now, let’s imaging taking this a step further. How many of these businesses might like their own Real Estate Show to send out to their customer base? (I’m guessing no one would turn down a free ad that makes them look so good!)

Becky could print up a little stack of CDs of this Show and then take a walk through the Village of the Arts. She could introduce herself to the shop owners, give them a business card and a CD and ask if they might like a similar Show of their own business. Think about this, she’s meeting new people, she’s getting her name out as a local real estate agent, and she’s trying to HELP a small business owner to connect with more people. This is ALL GOOD.

She’ll take a few more pictures, link the show to the business’ website and then send her links out to the business owners. Each time they share their Show, they will also be advertising for Becky. They’ll also likely be very pleased with Becky for doing them a favor, and will keep her in mind when they have family and friends in need of an agent.

With one simple walk, a few pictures and a little computer time, Becky can reach HUNDREDS of people.

Can you think of a local walk that could help your business as much as Becky’s? Bet you can! Grab your camera, it’s time to meet some people!

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