A Visit to VAR08

by Sarah Cooper on September 29, 2008

I had the extreme pleasure of being invited to the Virginia Association of Realtors Convention in Baltimore, MD over the weekend. Yes, Virginia Realtors met in Maryland. No, I do not live in Virginia nor am I still an active Realtor. STILL. I drove a little over six hours to meet a bunch of completely fabulous people and it was WORTH it!

The Virginia agents invited many of us from outside their association and welcomed us with open arms. I got to sit in on a blogger session and visit the trade fair and learned about some pretty neat new ways for a real estate agent to be found and market their listings. The agents in Virginia have a special knack for using technology to their advantage, and they don’t mind sharing what they learn. I have some thinking to do!

But of course the best part of any convention is the PEOPLE. I want to thank the wonderful people of VAR08 for inviting me and helping me feel so at home — you guys ROCK!! Here’s a little peek at my time at VAR08 in (what else?) the form of a Real Estate Show.

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