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by realestateshows on August 25, 2007

Doug ScottLess than an hour after we “soft launched” our new features, I got an email from one of our long time clients, Doug Scott. Doug is an avid supporter of, but his email was less than flattering. He was unhappy. Specifically, he was unhappy with the social bookmarking links that now came up at the end of his Shows and was concerned about people leaving his site.

Doug was only one of two people that first day that had this reaction. Of those who took the time to comment, most were excited to see these options for social sharing presented in this way. Doug didn’t say the following, but what we heard in Doug’s comments was this…. “Don’t force things on me. You shouldn’t decide for me what new technologies I should buy into. That’s for me to decide.”

Of course, I made an effort to “educate” Doug on the potential value of these links. But ultimately, Doug knows his clients and his market better than I’m ever going to know them. And he should be the one to decide how he wants to work with them. Not us.

It doesn’t take a thousand voices to deliver the truth. One will do.

So, we went back to the drawing board and rethought how this should work. What we came up with has already been implemented. Here’s how it works now: The “Get Link” and “Get HTML” icons, as well as the Social Bookmarking Icons will be OFF by default. They are now turned on at the Show level. This is done in the “Edit Buttons” area.

Here is a short video to show you how.

Doug, thank you for helping us make our product better for everyone.

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