Always Trust Java Uploader

by Jeff Turner on July 27, 2006

Our new photo uploader is a “java applet.” Because of this, your
computer wants to know if it is “trusted.” If the trust message
continues to pop up for you each time you choose to create a new show,
you need to let it know that it should always trust this applet.

Doing this requires that you click on the “always trust” option when
the certificate window pops up. This is easy to do. On the PC, this is
typically in the window that pops up and no further windows are
required to be shown. Just make sure the “always trust” button is check
marked when you click on “trust.” See below.

pc trust java

On the Macintosh, this is not on the main window. You will need to
click on “show certificate” to get to the option to “always trust.”

mac 1

Then scroll down to the “trust settings.”

mac 2 trust

The default status will be “Use System Settings.”

mac 4 trust

Choose “Always Trust” and then click on the Trust button.

mac 5 trust

This will do away with the need to continually verify that this is a trusted applet.

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