Am I Over-Hyping These Tabs? NO.

by Sarah Cooper on June 16, 2007

I am so loving my new Tabs!! Have you played with yours yet?

New Categories for RealEstateShows.comMy website has a link to my inventory list of my Real Estate Shows. Before tabs, all my Solds were nice and neat, but the Active Listings were a mess! Sure my listings were in there, but I love making Shows of EVERYTHING. And all my public shows were just lumped in that one category together.

I loved showing off more than just listings, but I hated sending people on a Hide and Seek game to find what they were looking for.

Aaah! Now I have TABS!! Organization! My Shows are all in neat, easy to find rows. BEAUTIFUL.

Also, those lovely little tabs are inviting everyone to see what else I have to show them. I love my community, and that Community Tab gives me a great way to direct people to some of the things I find so great about my little corner of the world.

Miscellaneous Shows sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? I’m hoping someone will think, “What the heck could that be?” They’ll click my little tab and find Shows on staging, why they should hire me, why NOT to hire someone else and even a little Desktop Vacation. Won’t they be glad they clicked that tab? (Go ahead and take that Desktop Vacation, you know you want to!) :o)

There is also a tab for Personal Shows. That tab doesn’t appear in my inventory list because my personal Shows are just that, personal. But if I choose to share a personal Show, I just just check that “Viewable in Other Shows” box and BOOM! — that tab will activate and be there as another choice.

To choose where your Shows should be, just click on that nifty little drop box to the right while you’re in Manage & Edit. As soon as you click, there it goes where it belongs! (If only cleaning my desk were so easy … )

It’s nearly insane that a little thing like tabs is making me so happy, but I love them! I have exactly the same Shows I had a couple days ago, but now they are all sorted in their proper categories. It actually looks like I have MORE Shows because it’s easier to find what you’re looking for.

Thank you, Real Estate Shows!

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