An Instant Show for Veteran’s Day

by Sarah Cooper on November 3, 2008

Thanks to a request from a Real Estate Shows client, we’ve created this Veteran’s Day Instant Show available for your immediate use. (Click the Instant Shows button after signing into your account to sneak off with any of our Shows for your own uses!)

This Show was purposefully created without the words “Veteran’s Day” within the Show itself, in the hopes that it would be a little more versatile for you. If you ever have an occasion to thank a military person on your blog or website, feel free to use this Show.

As always, once this Instant Show is in your account, it can be edited in any way you please. Replacing the last photo in the Show with one of a veteran you admire would make for a very touching Show, wouldn’t it? Use your imagination and make it your own, or use it fresh out of the box — it’s ready to go and up to you.

Please feel free to write us at info at realestateshows dot com if you have a suggestion of your own for an Instant Show, we love to take care of you! ­čÖé

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