Announcing “Instant Shows!”

by Sarah Cooper on September 11, 2008

Have you been meaning to make some fabulously creative Real Estate Shows to share with your sphere of influence but just haven’t had the time? Been waiting for some inspiration?

I have a treat for you! We’ve launched a new section inside your Real Estate Shows acount. It’s called Instant Shows! Now you can access Instant Shows from the Main Menu of your Real Estate Shows.  With one click any or all of these Shows can be in your own account, ready to be customized for your own use or used as-is immediately!

Right off the bat, we have Shows that will help you with self promotion, humor, holidays and inspiration.  We’ll continue to add new Shows and categories, so be sure to check back.  Use these Shows as you like — we’ve made it incredibly easy to have a wide variety of Shows at your disposal immediately!

Remember that you can edit these Shows as if they were your own, because they are. Change the titles, replace a picture, change the music … do what you like to make it your own.  Think creatively about how you could use this.  Maybe you’d like to make a humorous Flyer to send to your contacts.  You might have been meaning to write a blog post about Staging tips.  Maybe your website could use a little something extra for holidays.

They’re FREE and available INSTANTLY — treat yourself to a little free marketing content from Real Estate Shows! Jeff will show you more about how it works in the video below.


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