Answering One of Our Most Common Tracking Report Questions

by Sarah Cooper on April 21, 2010

We’re often asked, “What does ‘Email, Bookmarks, or Referrer Data Blocked By User’ mean in my Tracking Reports?

When you see this in your Tracking Information, it means that someone clicked a link from somewhere that doesn’t report an exact link for privacy reasons, usually from within an email account. For instance, let’s say John Smith’s buyer agent has set up an automated MLS search for John that emails him as new properties meeting his needs are listed.  When John receives one of these emails, he’ll look over the details and will likely click the link to your Real Estate Show from directly within his email account. Email providers protect their client’s privacy (and in many cases, comply with federal and state laws) by not passing on the email address. So instead of seeing John’s email address on your Tracking Report, you’ll see a hit under the “Email, Bookmarks, or Referrer Data Blocked By User” category.

That’s usually one of the highest categories on most Tracking Reports, and I suspect it’s because of those automatic emails sent directly to buyers through the MLS. You’ll notice that clicks in your MLS itself will be listed under your MLS’s name though, as there are no privacy concerns involved.

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