Average House. Above Average Marketing

by realestateshows on August 8, 2006

Despite all the evidence that proves that good Internet tours will win
you more listings, the overwhelming fact is that lower priced homes
don’t get their share of Internet marketing attention. In a recent
Realtor.com search of homes in the top 50 U.S. markets, we found that
less than 3% of homes priced below $400,000 had virtual tours attached
to them. Less than 5% of ALL homes had tours attached.

why Barbara Jagolinzer’s Show caught our attention. It is a perfect
example of how to use all of the features of RealEstateShows.com. The
photos are excellent, the titles are extremely well written and the
music sets just the right mood. What really set it apart, however, was
that it was not on a million dollar listing.

"I actually was inspired," Barbara said, "because I read the tips that
your site offered that showed another agent was creative instead of
just writing the same old things, as we tend to do. So, in actuality, I
was inspired by another REALTOR® who decided to think out of the box
just a bit." She added, "also it was quite late and I was probably
getting delirious from being over tired."

View Her Show Here

Consistently going the extra mile for your clients will pay off in the
end, whether it’s an "average" listing or an estate. That’s a fact.
This is also a fact – Barbara should create Shows in a sleep deprived
state more often!

Barbara, thank you for allowing us to share this Show with others!

Barbara N. Jagolinzer, Nunes Realty
Rhode Island | 401.847.4800 | Site

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