Back to School, Back to Real Estate Shows

by Sarah Cooper on August 24, 2007

All across the country, the kids are either going back to school or they’re already there. This creates many opportunities for you to market yourself using your Real Estate Shows!

Back To School Real Estate ShowsThink of all the schools in your area. If you had a Show for each one of them, how often could you use them? Of course your relocating buyers would like to know about the local schools, and won’t you look like a local expert when you send them a Show of their new school! Each school probably has a website, would they like a Show courtesy of their friendly neighborhood real estate agent?

Think about the variety of school Shows you could make this fall alone! Off the top of my head, I might make a Show of each football team, cheerleading squad, marching band, drama club, fund rasier … I could get a lot of use out of this!

These Shows would not only promote and encourage your local schools, but they are also a good advertisement for yourself. This is the kind of advertising that people are happy to pass around to friends for you — and that’s a very good thing!

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