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by Jeff Turner on February 16, 2008

Cathy Tishhouse is a new Real Estate Shows client. And she asked the following question in the comment section of a blog post on ActiveRain:

I subscribed to Real Estate Shows a few weeks ago after seeing some posted by Missy Caulk and my seller’s love them – really adds to my listing presentation. Just when I was doing the trial run, I found out that RE/MAX has a similar tool in their design center but liked this one better… I have noticed that the pictures on the Real Estate Shows end up zooming into a particular spot that I might not have chosen – is there a tutorial to say what angle is best to take the pictures in the future – don’t want to go back and retake them all. Thanks for your help.

Well, we did have a tutorial on camera movement that I could have sent her to view, but I wanted to test a brand new piece of software, ScreenFlow, so I made the following video to answer her question.

ScreenFlow: Editing Camera Movement in Real Estate Shows from respres on Vimeo.

I sent the video to her via email and this was her response:

It worked great – thanks so much – I have changed my shows and very quickly. I am having trouble with the sound on my lap top – very faint and volume is turned up the highest. So, I could hardly hear but the visuals were enough to do this quickly. I love that I don’t have to watch the way I take the picture but can adjust the focus here. Great idea – this is why I chose yours over the free version that RE/MAX offers J and Thanks for the quick response!!

It was, of course, my pleasure. I was asked twice last week why someone would choose to pay for Real Estate Shows instead of opting for some other “free” option. I’ve been asked that question many times. But I’ve never had anyone ask me that question who had actually given Real Estate Shows a try.

There’s an old adage, “free is usually worth what you pay for it.”

Success and mastery are always about the subtleties. Many presentations look the same until you examine them more closely. Then the details emerge, details that mark the difference between successful presentations and those that just go through the motions but don’t deliver great results.

You are in business to get results and earn a living. We’re in business to help you do that.

Jeff Turner, President of

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