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by Sarah Cooper on July 16, 2007

sarah cooper and jeff turnerThis weekend my family and I had a little adventure. We drove up to Blackwater Falls in Davis, West Virginia. The park and the falls were indeed gorgeous, and I felt some of my stress slide away while I soaked in the beauty. (Just “some” of my stress, because apparently I like to keep some.)

The falls and the views were worth our three hour car trip. But the real reason we were there was to meet Jeff Turner, his wife Rocky and their family.

Yes, I finally met my boss — what a strange world we have with the internet. I was as impressed as I expected to be. Jeff and his wife Rocky have six kids, and each and every one of them is incredible. Together they are one amazing family! I loved getting to meet Jeff and letting our families goof off together.

I’m proud to have my name associated with this company. The people that work for Real Estate Shows are hard workers, and they have a lot of joy in what they do. Working with these people is fun! They also have a lot of joy in their lives outside of work.

And just in case you’d like to unload a little of your stress too, I made you this Real Estate Show.
Watch and relax.

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