Blogging Builds Trust

by Sarah Cooper on June 15, 2007

In “The Big Moo”, there’s a cartoon by Hugh MacLeod that says, “Stop worrying about technology. Start worrying about who trusts you.” I have a blog. In it, I say what I think. I talk about local happenings and what they mean to me. I goof off, get serious or wonder about stuff out loud. If you read my blog, you’ll get to know me a little bit. Hopefully you’ll see that I’m a nice person and that you might enjoy working with me.

Blogging Builds TrustThen go look at my website. It sounds like propaganda, not like “me.” It gets updated every now and then, but there’s not much joy to it. I’m actually thinking of dropping it. (Do not panic! I’m not suggesting you do the same thing!)

My blog is more personal. You’ll know what matters to me and why. I can tell you anything I want about why it’s so nice to live where I do. I can cheer for the people who are doing something great, I can boo and hiss things I don’t care for. It’s all me, it’s all real.

I can even talk about my listings in a way that’s more casual. I can be a friend telling you about this new house that just hit the MLS and all the things I love about it. I can embed my Real Estate Shows to walk you through it right then and there if you want, so you can like it, too.

It’s just a more casual way to do my job, and since I’m a more casual kind of person, I think it fits me rather well.

Having a blog can just help you sound more like “you” than the corporate-speak you probably use on your website. Whoever you are, make sure your local market knows you and can find you. Your blog will show them day by day that you are committed to your job and community. Your choice of topic and the way you talk about it will let people get to know the real you. Posting regularly will show your commitment level is strong.

And that’s how trust begins

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