Breakthrough: Major Improvement In Show Quality

by realestateshows on April 25, 2007


Thanks to the prodding of one of our new home staging clients, Karen Reynolds, we went on a major offensive and came up with a way to improve the image quality of our main Shows.

This is very exciting for us here at Our goal has always been to keep the “video -like” feel of the Shows. Until today, this has meant making some sacrifices on image quality to get rid of what we call “image wobble.” Today, as a result of a combination of improvements made when we launched the new player, we found a way to get better quality AND reduce the wobble at the same time.

Side By Side Detail Comparison:
res combo image 2

Notice the difference in detail on the garage windows, the grass and the improved color contrast. It makes a major difference in our Main Show quality. We’re thrilled! And we know you are going to be thrilled as well.

All Shows created from this moment forward will use this new method. But old Shows can also see this improvement. You simply need to replace the photos. We will apply this new setting to all replaced photos as well. [ How To Replace Photos In Your Existing Shows ]

Side By Side Show Comparison:

We duplicated our main sample show and then replaced the photos in the original.
Original Photo Settings | New Photo Settings

Karen, thanks for pushing us to take a harder look!
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