Breathtaking Marketing

by Sarah Cooper on July 13, 2007

Pam PaulsonI recently saw a Real Estate Show by Pam Paulsen of Keefe Real Estate, Inc. The show was visually stunning, empathetic and called for action.

I thought it was PERFECT.

I wrote to Pam and asked if I could feature her Show so that you could see it, too. Her use of beautiful images works so well with her words. If I were shopping online for a real estate agent, finding this Show would tell me that Pam understands how overwhelming real estate can be for the average person. She wants to make it easier on me. She seems like a nice, knowledgeable person.

I’d be contacting her ASAP!

To put together a similar Show, think about what local sites you could photograph. You’ll not only be marketing yourself as a caring agent, you’ll be showing your local expertise as well!

You could use similar words with a local park, walking trail or pretty view. Make it something others will recognize for the most impact.

Send it out to your sphere of influence, put it online and share it around! Make it beautiful and local and people will pass it around for you.

Good luck — and if you make your own version, please let me see it!

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