Charity Spreads Almost By Itself …

by Sarah Cooper on October 30, 2007

Toys For TotsThomas Kirk has made a wonderful Real Estate Show to raise money for a charity he believes in. I especially like his Show because it walks us through the process of how his neighbors, the Johnsons, first became involved in the charity.

In the Details of his Show, Thomas tells how the Johnsons attended an Aaron Tippin concert. They saw him put together a bike on stage, then donate it to Toys for Tots. The idea hooked them, but good.

The wonderful thing about giving is that most people WANT to give, but sometimes they just need to be told HOW. The Johnsons saw this act of kindness and wanted to keep it going. When you view the Show, I think you’ll see they’re doing a fine job of it.

Thomas is helping to spread this news as well, through Real Estate Shows and the power of the internet. Online, there are less than six degrees of separation between us all. You can get to anyone and everyone, if only your message is one that people will want to spread. Thomas’ message is of hope and kindness, sent in an email with a gentle request to pass it on. His email reminds us that this is no chain letter and you won’t be cursed if you let it slide, but think of how many you might help if you do pass it on?

Yes, I think people DO want to reach out and help, especially where children are involved. I think this is a powerful message that will spread far beyond Thomas’ regular marketing area. I think there will be a LOT of smiling children this Christmas, thanks to the Johnsons and Thomas Kirk. (And Aaron Tippin. And all those people helping in the Show. And all the people who pass it on …. )

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