Communicate The Way Your Clients Want You To Communicate

by Jeff Turner on December 4, 2007

I was searching for the term “real estate” in Terraminds, which is a Twitter search tool, and found the following “tweet.”

“YEAH, my real estate agent Angie joined twitter! We love our house btw Angie!”

The statement was made by discorax, whose bio says he is in WebDev Design. Here’s a consumer who is obviously tech savvy and as you can see by his expression on Twitter above, he likes the fact that his real estate agent is connected to him in the way he wants to be connected with.

The real estate agent, Angie Bondurant, signed up for her Twitter account less than one day ago and is only following one person – discorax. That’s not the point. I don’t know if she’ll ever follow anyone else. I also have no idea if she understood what she was signing up for, but it appears she certainly understood one thing… how to communicate with her client in the way he wanted to be communicated with.

If Angie is smart, she’ll continue communicating with him that way.

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