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by realestateshows on December 27, 2006

Perry Mullsteff put together a very well executed Christmas greeting that carried his very personal message. Regardless of your own personal beliefs, I think you will agree that this Show is exceptionally well done.

Perry used great images and just the right amount of evocative writing to create a professional looking presentation that conveyed his personal beliefs. There is no question this allowed him to communicate in a way that adds value to his existing relationships. It allowed him to connect on a personal level with family, friends and clients. That’s what it’s all about!

See His Christmas Show: Click Here

“I received a number of notes back from people who appreciated it,” Perry said.

If you created your own personal Holiday Greeting, we’d love to have you share it here. Just click on comments and tell us your story!

Perry, thank you for allowing us to share your Show.

Perry Mullsteff, Llewellyn Realtors®
Maryland – Wahsington, DC | 301.424.0900 | Site


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