Connecting Through Memories

by Sarah Cooper on August 6, 2007

This weekend I attended a family reunion at my Aunt and Uncle’s house. I love my family, but I have to tell you what I really wanted to see was the creek that runs along in front of their house.

I spent my childhood playing in creeks. I lived near a creek and if you couldn’t find me, there was a good chance I was there. My daughters have inherited this from me, and at the reunion we said our Hellos and made right for the creek!

I wrote a little post about it on my blog on Active Rain. I didn’t really have any point in my writing, I just had a good memory and I felt like talking about it. Oh yes, and I had my camera on me and just happened to make up a Real Estate Show. (My husband teases me that I will take my camera to the gas station. Well, doesn’t everyone?)

I didn’t expect this post to get more than one or two comments. This wasn’t something I expected others to relate to or even understand. Except for my girls, the rest of my family certainly doesn’t get it.

But over and over again, that post connected. People left comments about their own childhood creeks, or about sharing time with a child. Sometimes you just never know what will get to people. Keep that camera handy!

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