Day Trips

by Sarah Cooper on July 17, 2007

If you’re wanting to add some interesting content to your website or blog, how about throwing in some day trips?

day tripsThis is the time of year most people like to travel. The kids are out of school and being at work all day nearly feels like punishment when it’s so pretty outside. Go have some fun! And when you do, be sure to tell your clients and sphere of influence about it so they can do it, too.

Show them some of the sights that are within about one tank full of gas from home. I’m sure that will give you a LOT to choose from. Pay attention while you’re there so you can report back properly. Really soak up what it’s like there. That’s not only going to help when it’s time to write, but it will be good for your soul as well. You need a break. ENJOY IT.

You’ll want to take a lot of pictures for yourself that include the people you took with you. Make sure you also take plenty that are suitable for a Real Estate Show. It’s my own humble opinion, but nothing brings your descriptions to life quite like a Show!

(And you know what? Go ahead and make another Show for the people you took with you. You know they’ll love it — and pass it around!)

Then you need to write about the fun you had while you were there, what you did and why they’d like to go there, too. Include your Real Estate Show and they’ll feel like they had a little vacation, too.

Take a few more trips and make a series out of it! After all, if it’s for your blog or website, it’s “resesarch”, isn’t it? (This is permission for you to go have fun — get to it!!)

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