Do Something Nice. Let Your Buyers Work For You!

by realestateshows on March 1, 2006

We often have REALTORS® tell us that the idea of giving a Real Estate
Show to the buyer as a "just moved" or "proud new owner" announcment
that the buyer can send to friends and family is a great idea. Often,
they say it’s the best idea they’ve ever heard. That doesn’t surprise
us. We think it’s a great idea too.

What surprises us is how few people actually create one. So, when we
see one of these Shows, we get excited. And we think it’s for good
reason. Claudia and Dick DeWitt obviously saw the benefit and created
this wonderful Show for their clients, Josh and Dawn. Can you imagine
Josh and Dawn NOT forwarding it to their friends and family. No. We can’t either.

That’s the power of the internet in its purest form. Create something
that people desire to forward and your name and your brand spreads.
Watch their Show and see for yourself.

View This Gift To Their Buyer Clients

Claudia and Dick, thank you for reminding us and everyone else what a turly great idea this is.

Claudia & Dick Dewitt, HER Real Living
Columbus, OH | 614.336.7546 | Site

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