Don’t Forget the Neighborhood!

by Sarah Cooper on July 8, 2007

The next time you’re taking photographs of a new listing, step outside and take a few more pictures. You’re going to make yourself the neighborhood expert!

You’ll want a picture of the neighborhood entrance, of course. Then go through and take some general street scenes, give a real feel for the place. Make sure to include a picture of your listing! ;o)

Now, you want to make sure to send this Show out to your Sphere of Influence in your next newsletter or mailing. Expect people to want links to mail it out and show friends if you’ve made their neighborhood look good! And if it wasn’t their neighborhood … well, maybe they’d like a Show next? (Offer!!)

When you’re doing an Open House, have some CDs of your Neighborhood Show to pass out to any neighbors that stop in — don’t the neighbors always stop in? Make them feel special rather than nosy. You were expecting them and glad to see them, even though they probably won’t buy this house. Eventually they’re going to need a real estate agent, one who really knows and likes their neighborhood. (That would be YOU.) Having this little gift for them sets them at ease and gives you a reason to call them later, “Hi, how did you like the Show?”

With just a few extra minutes taking pictures each time you list a house, you’ll build a pretty nice library of neighborhoods, won’t you? Be sure to update your Shows each time you gain a new listing in one of your neighborhoods! I hope you have to do that many, many times.

Good luck, and let me know how it works out!

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