Don’t Forget to Aim!

by Sarah Cooper on June 12, 2007

I see a lot of Real Estate Shows and somehow I don’t get tired of them! Everyone has something to say, whether they’re marketing a listing or sharing a happy occasion.

But one thing I do see sometimes surprises me — sometimes we forget to “aim.”

Archery TargetsIf you don’t set your Camera Movement while editing a Real Estate Show, it will have a default setting that may not work as effectively as you’d like. Your focus may be pulled directly past the very thing you’d like to highlight. Instead of impressing us with that beautiful fireplace in the family room, we may be wondering what’s so special about that lamp? If you have people in your Show, we may be looking over their shoulders instead of into their smiling faces.

It’s simple to fix. While Editing your Show, click on Camera Movement. See those little red dots on your photos? That is the default focus. If it’s not in the ideal spot, click on the picture. This will take you to a larger version of your picture where you can then click and drag the little target to the area that should our center of attention. Aah, that’s better!

You can also choose whether the picture should move in our out or even left or right. Going left or right will not allow you to focus on a particular area, but will pan through the center of the photo. This can be especially effective to show off a long kitchen counter or expanse of yard.

Here’s a How To Video That Will Help!

You have such power within your grasp — you can make us look wherever you like!

Use your power wisely. :o)

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