Don’t Leave Dates On Photos

by Jeff Turner on February 16, 2006

One of the best things about the commercials you create using is that they feel like video. Our unique process
creates the illustion that you are standing in the room with a video
camera “zooming” in and around the area. But one of the surest ways to
destroy that illusion is have your digital camera imprint a date into
the photo. See below. (click on image to view larger)


This date will move around the image as the camera pans and it will not receive the added benefit of the video illusion.

Digital cameras record the date in the image’s “metadata”, which is saved in the digital file, so this “feature” is
a hold over from traditional photo days. Turn that feature off on your
digital camera when shooting a home and your commercials will feel more
video like. If you are scanning in photos from a traditional 35mm
camera, then crop the date out in your editing software. You’ll
appreciate the difference.

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