Easter Greetings: From Concept To Completion

by Jeff Turner on March 21, 2008

Our Easter/Passover flyer templates have been live for a few days now. And since I wanted to do something different with this announcement. that meant this post had to wait until I returned from the Colorado Realtor Rally.

easter picnki demoBe warned, this video is 20 minutes long. It is a “live” recording of my thought process and every action I took to create this Easter Show and Flyer example. It takes you from concept through completion. I started with only the notion that I wanted my greeting to be about Easter eggs. It takes you through how to search and download the photos on Flickr, how to edit them using Picnik and the full Real Estate Show creation, editing and flyer selection process. You’re seeing it in full (except for two pauses)… warts and all. (That includes some of my typing errors.)

Click here to watch the concept to completion video. It may take some time to download and play.

I hope this will help you understand not only how to create a Show, but also give you inspiration for creating variations of your own.

Jeff Turner, President of RealEstateShows.com

Photos in show by richardbh, queenie13, striatic, sofubared, the G-tastic 7

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