"Eyejot This!" A Great New Way To Connect With Your Clients

by Jeff Turner on January 24, 2008

I research at a lot of different internet technologies. Some of them are useful.
Most of them are simply silly.

Eyejot Example 1Occasionally, I run across a new technology that immediately jumps out at me as being truly beneficial. It ignites a swarm of ideas and makes me wish I had thought of it first. Eyejot fits the bill.

Eyejot is a robust video messaging platform.

As such, it can be used in a number of different ways, including recording videos for email distribution, but I’m going to focus on one specific aspect of their service, the “Eyejot This!” bookmarklet feature.

Eyejot This! allows you to send video messages attached to specific web pages. So, for example, you can comment directly on the web page you are viewing and have your video travel with that web page to family, friends and most importantly, to your clients, prospects and other real estate agents you may be working with.

How can this help you and your business?

I’ve done a sample using one of our RES Flyers to illustrate one of the ways you can use this to further enhance communication and connection with your clients. As you will see, the video message conveys more emotion, and more of your presence than words alone could convey. Using the video over the web page you’re talking about, another agent’s listing, for example, your clients will be able to “see your energy, passion, concern, interest, excitement, humor” – whatever you choose to convey. When they see it and hear you, it will feel more like you are in the room telling them in person. Your message becomes more personal.

I initially presented this to Teri Lussier from TheBrickRanch.com, Daniel Rothamel from RealEstateZebra.com and Andy Kaufman from MyEastBayAgent.com. They immediately began exclaiming their enthusiasm and pointing out specific ways they would use the Eyejot technology.

Andy Kaufman: “Wow, this is way cool. I can’t wait to play around with it and brainstorm how to incorporate it into our business.”

Daniel Rothamel: “This is freaking awesome. We have so many out of town clients that are always calling me to visit a listing web page. With this, I can visit the page, record comments, and they can have it all the time.”

Teri Lussier: “This is a great way to communicate with an out of town seller as well. They’ve moved and you are the listing agent. I can simply see this a great way to put people at ease. You know how looking someone in the eye is so key to communication… As I was watching your demo it struck me how important it is to see people.”

Watch the sample Eyejot I put together and let me know what ideas you come up with!

Jeff Turner, President of RealEstateShows.com

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