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by realestateshows on April 7, 2007

The best way to keep up with information from your trusted sources is via a feed reader.

rss feed reflectionFeed readers take in information via Really Simple Syndication, known as RSS. The orange icon on the right is the universal symbol for RSS feeds. Lots of websites today allow you to “subscribe” to their information via an RSS feed and ALL blogs do – this one included. So, if you’d like a simple way to stay informed, sign up for a feed reader and subscribe to the sites you want to keep up with. It’s much simpler than navigating to them to see if anything new has come along.

One of our clients, Ines Hegedus Garcia, wrote about RSS in plain English for the non-tech crowd. Read: RSS Explanation From A Non-Geek

Google Reader is the reader of choice here at RealEstateShows.com, but there are many options available, including NetVibes and Bloglines. If you’d like to subscribe to our feed, click here, or on the feed icon in the URL window.

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