Flyers And Distribution – Coming August 21st

by realestateshows on August 10, 2007

On August 21 23, we will be launching the ability for you to instantly create a flyer from the photos and information already contained in your Real Estate Shows.

3 flyer designs from real estate shows

Like everything else at, this will be universal and unlimited as part of your yearly subscription and will be backwards compatible with all existing Real Estate Shows. The flyers can act as individual listing web pages and will be distributed to the leading online search portals, like Google Base, Trulia, Edgeio, Vast, and Oodle. In addition, you will be given the code to post the flyers to eBay, Craigslist, or anywhere else you choose – even spice up your posts on ActiveRain. And the Show itself will be embedded in each flyer automatically.

real estate shows flyer distribution

Creating your flyer will be simple and fast.
Select a design, choose the amenities, preview and publish.

create real estate shows flyers

Each flyer will also be able to be exported to PDF.
And just like your Shows, you can use your flyers in any way you choose.

Coming August 21 23, 2007

We’re chomping at the bit to get this out the door and into your hands. We will be doing a short, very limited private beta that will require active listings. If you are interested in beta testing this feature with us, please email us and indicate your interest.


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