Give Back With Your Shows

by Sarah Cooper on June 13, 2007

Today I went to my local city park because there was something special going on. Mission West Virginia is making a display at the park to help illustrate the need for foster and adoptive families for West Virginia children. Please view my Show below.

I heard about this charity event while attending a monthly City Meeting. I’ve recently realized how vital attending these meetings are to my work as a real estate agent. I need to stay on top of changing laws and newly annexed areas of the city, and there really is no better way.

It’s also great for knowing what’s going on in my community. When the mayor mentioned this upcoming project, my ears perked up. I knew this would be a message with a strong, visual impact. I knew that I could make a Real Estate Show of this message and share it with my community. I hope that my message will be delivered to someone who will pay attention and hear a call in his or her heart to help.

It’s a small thing to make a Show to help someone out. I’ll make a post with additional information on my blog, in the hopes that more people will find and respond to the need.

One Show can send a powerful message to many people. How could you help your local community with your Real Estate Shows?

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