Going to Inman NY? Want to Play a Game?

by Sarah Cooper on December 30, 2008

For those of you going to Real Estate Connect in NY next week, how’d you like to play a game with me?

As real estate agents, photography is a very important part of our jobs. After all, it’s those first photos a buyer sees online that help make the decision whether or not your listing is worth visiting in person. Thankfully, photography is also fun and inexpensive — and a great way to meet people and to bond with people you already know.

So if you’re headed to New York next week (or heck, any time in the future!) see if you can complete this scavenger hunt in and around Times Square. Take 9 photos that could be captioned with the following, then use them to create a 60 second Real Estate Show. Share a link to your Show in the comments, please! Creativity is a plus, feel free to interpret the list however you please:

  1. Traffic control
  2. Tacky souvenir
  3. Self portrait with Times Square as the background
  4. Looking up
  5. Reflection
  6. Something I drank
  7. A stranger
  8. Headline
  9. A kiss

Thinking creatively. “Traffic control” could be a sign, stop light, police officer, orange cone, someone who darted into the street — be as imaginative or literal as you like. (Hint: this might be a good way to share your NY trip with others.)

While you’re playing along, keep in mind that you could easily do a scavenger hunt like this through your own blog or website for your own community. Getting other people involved creates interest. If you publish photos taken by others (with their permission, of course!), aren’t they likely to want their friends and family to see it? Opening up the door like this can bring in new readers and a bonus feeling of goodwill for the ones you already have.

I like the idea of getting locals involved by contributing their photos. I’ll have more ideas for you after I get back from New York! 🙂

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