How Did You Do That?

by Sarah Cooper on August 14, 2007

I blog.

Sometimes more, sometimes less, depending on how much the rest of my life throws at me. My brain thinks in terms of blogging now, and my self-talk sounds more and more like my blog “voice”.

I also use my Real Estate Shows for as many different things as I can. I get to make as many as I want for the same subscription, so why wouldn’t I use them every chance I get? Yes, I use a lot of Real Estate Shows in my blogs.

Lately people have been writing me, wanting to know my secret. Where did I find an unbranded slide show like that? How can I do that?

I guess the name Real Estate Shows surprises some of them. The set up is geared towards real estate and it works wonders in that area! But you can use them for ANYTHING. If you have a few pictures to illustrate a point you want to make in a blog, make them into a Show and embed them. They look GREAT.

And if you have some pictures that you really like, and think they’d make a great Show — isn’t that reason enough to blog right there? I think you have something to write about.

For the price, even if I weren’t a real estate agent, I think I’d want to keep Real Estate Shows just because I’m a blogger. Pictures alone just don’t have the same emotional impact.

Thank you, Real Estate Shows!

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