How Do You Show What You Do Best?

by Sarah Cooper on April 27, 2009

Makita makes drills. They wanted to get the point across that their drills are precise, hard working and comfortable to use. After some creative thought, they ended up constructing a billboard made entirely of holes drilled in the surface of the outside wall of a hardware store. Changes in tone were created by varying the depth and size of the 20,562 holes. Instead of telling us their drills are a precision tool, they showed us.

If you don’t see the video above, click here.

This made me wonder about how to best show someone your expertise in real estate. And I’m cheap, I want to do it for free – so let’s use the blog or website you already have and start from there. (If you don’t already have an online presence, consider this your call to action.)

Let’s talk about a testimonial page. It’s a simple thing, and if someone is thinking of hiring you as their agent, it will help them to hear from others how they felt after going through a transaction with you. You can tell people how awesome you are – but hearing it from other people really means something, doesn’t it?

So let’s build content that lets your past clients and listings speak for you. Hopefully after you sell a listing, you’re going back to the Manage page in your Real Estate Shows and clicking that little dropdown box that says “Move Show Into” Sold. (Bonus points, doing this also “unsends” any Flyers you may have distributed online so you’re not advertising a sold listing.) Go to your Real Estate Shows Manage page and click on the Sold tab. Click Get Widget at the top of the page, copy the code and use it on your testimonials page.

These Sold listings are telling the story of your real estate experience. If you sold listings before you found Real Estate Shows, consider creating Shows of those listings now so you don’t leave any of them out. Each one speaks of a satisfied client, a goal achieved.

Also remember you don’t have to have been the listing agent to include a home in your Sold category. Take your camera to the final walk through and make a Show. A shot of the exterior with their smiling faces is a great gift to them (make a CD of this Show and run it by to stay in touch) and it speaks volumes on a testimonials page. (And just so you know, your buyers will likely pull out that old CD when they think of selling their home, just to see how much they’ve changed it since they moved in. Seeing your name again at this point is HUGE. Make sure they have that CD!)

The next step is at the closing table. You’re beside your clients and they’re happy to be there. Pass them a sheet of paper and ask if they’d mind writing up a short testimonial for you to use on their website. Ask if it would be OK to use that picture of them smiling in front of their new home, or even to embed their personal Real Estate Show.

Or you may even want to consider making one Real Estate Show to illustrate your Sold listings. Use one exterior shot of each home, use the address as a photo title and embed the Show on your page. Be sure to add to it as you go along, upload new Solds as Additional Photos to stay current quickly.

There are a lot of ways to make the tools you’re already using work to show off your expertise, whether you’re selling real estate or drills. Using Real Estate Shows alongside feedback from your past clients can help a potential client feel comfortable initiating contact with you.

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