How the Creative Process of Making Shows Helps Me Sell

by Sarah Cooper on December 18, 2007

An extremely “social networked” REALTOR® friend of mine joined yet another network recently. This time though, she joined not as an agent, but as an artist. She’s enjoying her new environment and I think it will even give her a boost in her real estate career. (Not that she needs one.)

How the Creative Process of Making Shows Helps Me SellThink about this, when children learn to play musical instruments, they do better in math. In a way they’re related, even though math is thought of as one of the fundamental building blocks of education and music is sometimes cut out of our schools when budgets get tight. (Don’t get me started on music and art getting cut, OK?) Something about music relates to math in the brain, and learning to read and play musical notes helps numbers to make more sense.

I know that when I make a Real Estate Show first, I do a better job marketing a house on all the rest of my promotional materials.

The creative process at Real Estate Shows makes me focus on what’s really important about the house. First, I pick nine (or five) pictures to be the “scenes” in the Show itself. I generally like to start at the front of the house, then lead through somewhat and end up in the back yard. That’s just my way.

But I’m not done there. Then I choose a focal point in each of my photos. This is where the camera “moves” in each scene. What do I really like about this room? What’s something a buyer will want to learn about this house? It’s up to me to give this house its best chance at a quick sale.

Then it’s time to add titles, choose music and add a description. By this time, I know the house pretty well. I’ve not only been in it, measured it and photographed it, but now I’ve studied it. I’ve really thought about what makes this house special. And I have the tools to help someone else fall in love with it, even if they’ve never set foot in it before. Everything works together, in just the right way.

I know that if I start with the Real Estate Show, the creativity involved is going to “wake up” my brain and help me show that house to its best advantage in all the marketing I’ll do.

Make your Show first, and see if it helps you, too.

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