How To Create Line Breaks In Your Titles

by Jeff Turner on May 12, 2008

Rocky VanBrimmer shared a very personal Real Estate Show with me this morning.

Rocky sent me an email with a link to a Show he produced for his wife’s birthday. Part of the response I sent to Rocky was this, “Are you aware that you can use hard returns in the titles to have them break to read easier?” Rocky’s response back was, “Showing my techno ignorance here, I do not know what “hard returns” means… Would you care to elaborate?

Two things occurred to me as I read his response. First, I didn’t phrase my response very well. I could have been a lot more specific in my description. And second, I realized this “mistake” is one I see a quite a bit. So, I thought I would do a quick tutorial video on the topic.

Rocky graciously allowed us to use his Show as an example in this tutorial video.

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Rocky, thank you again for allowing me to use your very personal Real Estate Show!

Jeff Turner, President of

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