How to Make an Online Shopper Happy

by Sarah Cooper on August 10, 2009

Let me tell you about my search for a hotel in New York City for an upcoming anniversary trip.  (You’ll learn why I want you to hear about  it in a minute.)  To begin, I checked a hotel review site online and concentrated in the area where I knew I’d like to stay.  Then, social person that I am, I asked friends through Facebook and Twitter if they had recommendations.  I narrowed my list and looked at hotel websites.

Aside from a few with real personality, most of the websites offered a handful of photos and some flowery words that could have applied to any hotel.   This led me to wonder what the hotels were really like, so I searched Flickr for pictures from people who actually stayed in the hotels.   After narrowing my list down to two hotels, I used online maps to time the walking distance to attractions I knew my husband and I would like to see.  I wrapped up my hotel stalking with a street view from Google maps that allowed me to “walk” around the neighborhood.  Decision made, I booked our hotel.

All this for a three night stay.  Obsessive?  Well, maybe.  Or maybe I’m just comfortable with my computer and online tools and want to be sure I’m spending my money wisely.  All of these hotels had a chance to use simple tech tools to let me feel as if I’d just stepped into their lobby, met their smiling employees and soaked up a little of the atmosphere that makes them special … and yet very few of them bothered.  The ones who did really stood out.

Now let’s imagine me as a home buyer.  I’m no different from the others, I start my search online long before I’ve made a firm decision to move.  I’m toying with the idea and looking for information. 

  • Is my current house worth enough that I can afford to move? 
  • Can I find a home that fits my needs in a price range I can afford? 
  • Should I expect my house to sell immediately, or are they taking ages to sell?  (Think of your website, will it answer my questions quickly and easily?  If not, I’ll move on.)

If I find positive answers, I’ll start peeking at houses currently for sale.  I know it’s not likely I’ll end up with any of these, but that’s OK.  I want to get a feel for the neighborhoods, start forming an idea of exactly what I want and what I might need to spend to get it.  And I’m paying a lot of attention to what information I can find.  In my search, I’m hopeful I’ll stumble across an agent who gives me pictures, maps, school information, panoramas, videos, floorplans, maybe even helps me virtually pass around the house in social networks for my friends to see — let’s add lots more photos, can’t have enough photos — I want a wealth of information at my fingertips!  This is what it takes, enough details and photos for me to feel an emotional connection to a house, and the data to know that it’s a likely a good fit for me.

I want to hire a real estate agent to make this whole transaction easier for me.  If you can give me everything I want to see about a particular house, I know you’re going to make it very easy for someone else to find my house and know that it’s the right one for them.  You’ll be the one I call when it’s time. 

Using Real Estate Shows puts the tech tools you need within easy reach.  It isn’t difficult to be the agent who stands out and gets the business.  If you’d like to be personally tutored how to use our online flyers, video conversion, widgets and more, please call us at 888-580-7627 or email us at info [at]

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