How To Videos

How To Create A New Show

How To Edit Your Personal Branding
You have full control over your branding.

How To Change Music
The right music makes all the difference.

How To Edit Camera Movement
To create a more video-like experience, move the camera to a strong focal point.

How To Edit Property Details

How To Replace Photos In Your Show
This video walks you through updating photos in an existing Show.

How To Change Your Photo Order
Making sure your photos flow properly is a key to a great presentation.

What Are Those Buttons For?
How to use the Autoplay, Other Shows and Sold buttons

Organize Your Shows Into Categories
Shows can be organized into five different categories: Active Listings, Sold Listings, Community Shows, Miscellaneous Shows and Personal Shows.

How To Link Multiple Shows Together
You have the ability on to connect multiple Shows together as “related shows.”

How To Add A Panoramic Shot To Your Shows
It’s as simple as uploading a photo when you create your Show.

How To Add A Video

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