I Got Thanked For A Show Today

by Sarah Cooper on July 27, 2007

Today I received a thank you card for the Real Estate Show I made for Mission West Virginia’s foster care/adoption awareness event last month. They thanked me for posting about them on my blog and for the wonderful Show.

It was so nice to be thanked, but I was happy to do it. It’s for a cause I believe in very much. It didn’t cost me anything but time. I feel that I got back more than I gave.

I should have sent THEM the thank you card!

But at the same time, this only encourages me to do more. Making Shows for charities is a very simple thing. My subscription to Real Estate Shows covers ALL the Shows I want to make this year. You can bet I’m going to make a lot! I could make a Show for every charity in town, and it wouldn’t cost me anything but a little of my time.

And they appreciate it so much. Most charities are run on shoe string budgets. (I know a lot of us agents can sympathize with this!) Meeting up with a charity you believe in and giving them a little of your time can create a bond that is helpful to you both. They could use a little more internet exposure, and I’m sure you wouldn’t complain about having your name associated with a good cause, right?

You’ve worked really hard to build up a good internet presence in your community. Share a little of the wealth you’ve created with others.

It’s self-rewarding, I promise.

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