I Was a Bad, Bad Girl

by Sarah Cooper on September 22, 2007

(Hanging head in shame.)

I got scolded by Jeff Turner today. It was all my fault.

OK, he didn’t scold me, but he called me on something when I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER.

I’ve begun posting the listings for my new team, Team Whitten. I got a well meaning email from a friend, asking why I wasn’t using such-and-such fliers because they’re so easy. Well, I just wasn’t. I wanted to BLOG about the listings. But sometimes I don’t know much about the house, or I might not need to throw in a lot of “bloggy” stuff, so a flyer might be a good idea. I tried it.

It was not the Real Estate Shows flyer.

Yes, I heard your gasp from over here! I know! I know!!


That’s just it, I wasn’t. I’ve been busy as heck with my new team and other stuff besides, and I just didn’t think. Jeff called me on it. He was so right.

The other flyer was awkward anyway, I wasn’t really pleased with the way I had to enter everything in. IF ONLY I’D THOUGHT ABOUT THAT.

I have already entered everything for my Real Estate Show anyway. All I had to do was click to tell it I wanted to make a flyer. It displayed lots of choices and told me to pick my favorite. How nice!

I did, and then BOOM, there was a flyer. Really? That’s it?!

OK, I see the error of my ways. I grabbed a little code, went back to by blog and not only was there a flyer – but it ALSO had my lovely Real Estate Show right in it. Yes, it did.

How foolish was I to ever try anything else!!

I humbly apologize, Jeff. I see the error of my ways. I will not stray again.

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