If You Can’t Fix It, Feature It!

by realestateshows on July 13, 2006

Dawn McCurdy came up with a creative way to sell a home that needed a
lot of work. She used honesty and the "Mission Impossible" theme song
from our Just For Fun music library, to give this real
fixer-upper a great marketing piece. She decided not to take a "this
house doesn’t deserve a Show" approach to marketing the home.

"We were all talking about why we shouldn’t put photos of it or
showcase it as it is in such need of repair," Dawn said. "Then, we
thought, why not. When you advertise something as needing work, the
first questions buyers and agents have is "Like what?" So we figured
each photo was at least worth 1,000 words, and if you can’t say
something nice, well you know the rest!"

View Her Creative Effort Here

"They just wanted it sold, which we did in 1 day!"

"Thank you so much for your great product," Dawn continued. "I love
seeing all the ideas and only wish I tapped into 10% of what you can

Dawn, thank you for permission to share this wonderful idea!

Dawn McCurdy, McCurdy Real Estate
Latham, NY | 518.785.9900 | Site

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