If You Liked That House …

by Sarah Cooper on August 4, 2007

Just tossing an idea out there this time. I sat down with a couple other agents today and one of them mentioned a flier made by another agent. On the back, she had a sampling of her other, similar listings.

If You Liked That HouseWe agreed that was pretty clever, if the seller was OK with it. Sometimes a house isn’t exactly “right”, but it leads to the right one. For your sellers, yes, you might be showing buyers other houses, but they’d be getting this extra exposure in your other listings as well. It works both ways and gets information about their home to the people that are actively shopping in their price range.

What if you did a similar thing with your Real Estate Shows? Could your blog or website have a little “If you liked this house … ” section that might interest people in seeing more of your listings? Or (dare I say it?!) you could cooperate with other agents and cross reference similar homes? (Your own little mini-MLS, right there.) We might have competed to get the listings, but now let’s work together to get them sold!

Well, it’s just an idea, it’s up to you to decide if it’s a good one or not. Would you be willing to trade unbranded Real Estate Shows with another agent?

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