Instant Shows – Want To Share a Reminder to Vote?

by Sarah Cooper on October 29, 2008

Sometimes you get an idea and you just don’t want to keep it quiet. Mary Cioffi of Coldwell Banker Itildo Inc.  Realtors wrote to me at the Help desk a little while ago with a fabulous suggestion. She simply said she thought it would be a great if we had one of those Instant Shows to remind people to vote.

Well, she was right.

I created the Don’t Forget To Vote Show that morning and slipped a copy in her account, and now we’re making it available to you, too. If you’d like this Instant Show for yourself, simply sign into your account and click Instant Shows on the Main Menu. Feel free to take any or all of the Instant Shows for your own uses!

Whether you decide to spread this message by emailing it to your contacts or posting it on your blog or website, we do hope you’ll feel it’s worth sharing.
(And if you have an idea for an Instant Show, please let us know!  We do have more on the way!)

Don’t Forget To Vote! from Real Estate Shows on Vimeo.
Don’t Forget To Vote! from Real Estate Shows on Vimeo.

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