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by realestateshows on February 17, 2007 offers two kinds of programs to real estate agents, Basic and Showcase. If you are a Showcase Listing Enhancement customer of, there is no charge to link your Show to This is part of the upgraded features in the Showcase package.

However, if you are NOT a Showcase Listing Enhancement customer of, then a $25 fee is required to upgrade that listing with a Show. This is a one time fee PER LISTING, for the life of that listing. charges this fee to all of their Picture Path Partners (all “Virtual Tour” vendors), not just

We collect this fee via credit card at the time you decide to link. You are not REQUIRED to link to, however, those who do link to notice a significant increase in the number of views on their Shows.

Shows posted to enjoy a distribution that extends well beyond itself. All featured tours are distributed throughout the Distribution Network. Sites in’s® Virtual Tour Distribution Network include national real estate portals such as and; national franchise brand sites such as,,,,, and; hundreds of regional and local broker and office sites; and numerous affiliated agent sites.

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