It’s All in the Details

by Sarah Cooper on March 19, 2009

Recently I wrote about Connecting Shows Together as a way to share more detail for your listings. After creating the main Show of the house, you may want to add secondary Shows about whatever features you feel may really help this house sell: a beautiful lot, desirable neighborhood or spotlight a gourmet kitchen or spectacular master suite. (After creating all the Shows, click Connect Shows Together, chose the Shows you want to connect and name them appropriately. At then end of the main Show, the viewer will be asked if they’d like to see more.) Be sure to take loads of pictures of your listings, because the best ideas for a Show often strike after you’ve left.

Drew Fristoe lives and works in historic Fredericksburg, VA and wanted online buyers to really connect with a special property. After creating a main Show, he might have included more photos under the Additional Photos section of the Real Estate Show. Instead, he wanted potential buyers to realize this home is a cut above, so he created and connected new Shows for The Gardens, Unique Features and even Scenes From the Wall Paper in the Living Room. (The Unique Features Show is full of the kind of details that would help me to fall in love with a home, and also makes a great reminder for someone who has already viewed the home.)

I can only imagine that his sellers are THRILLED with the extra care that Drew has given their home. When buyers find this Show, they’re going to know this is not just another listing. A buyer that is particularly attracted to this home is going to thrilled to have so many views inside and out — instant gratification like that is why we put so much information online for buyers in the first place!

In case you’re wondering, you can use these connected Shows in your MLS. If you add the MLS compliant version of the main Show, all of the connecting Shows will automatically be in the same format.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful listing with us, Drew!

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