Less Is More – Using Blank Images

by Jeff Turner on August 9, 2007

Too often the focus of technology is on more being better. Often, more is just more. It’s not better. There are many times when less is more. Here’s a tip for creating a little “drama” and a more emotionally positive first impression in your Real Estate Shows.

Instead of a photo, use a blank image and an clear, evocative title to highlight a feature or add power to a specific thought.

Providing this visual “space’ can focus the viewer on an important message and/or reinforce the image that immediately follows it. It’s as important as white space in your web or print design. I like using black images. The fade in and out of the black image looks great and a centered white title really stands out.

The 60 second example below is a small home. While there were more than enough photos to fill the entire main Show, not all of the photos were flattering. They would not create a great first impression.

First impressions matter. For more than 80% of the population, their first impression of a home may come online. So, we put all of the photos in the “more photos” section, but used only 7 of the photos, not 9, in the main Show. We used the front shot of the home twice, zooming in at the beginning and out at the end. We used a blank black image to highlight “Welcome To Your Next Home.” The Internet viewer can see all of the photos by clicking on the more photos link, but they will now be viewing them with a more emotionally positive first impression.

Here is a link to a blank black image you can download and use in your own Real Estate Shows.
[Click Here]

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