Less Photos, More Drama

by Sarah Cooper on November 10, 2010

I’ve been getting a lot of questions recently about how to shorten a Show, or what to do if you don’t have quite enough photos for the length of Show that you’d like to create.  We’ve written about part of this in the past, but I thought it was worth going over again as I keep referring back to the old post over and over again.

If you’re just one photo short, I recommend using the main exterior photo of the house again as the last photo.  This kind of “sums up” what the viewer has just seen, and I really like the look of it.  (In order to use a photo more than once when creating a Show, be sure to use our old non-Java uploader which you can access through a link at the top or bottom of the Upload page.)

If you need to fill in for more than one photo though, you may want to consider using blank, black screens along with your photos.  (If you need a black jpeg, click here, then right click and save the image to your computer.)  You can then use these blank screens to add text about the property or about the specific photo that follows.  It’s an interesting technique because it creates a kind of visual pause in your Show that adds emphasis to next image.  It may not be ideal for every listing, but will certainly make your Show memorable.

Many thanks to Jeremy Hart of NRV Living Real Estate for allowing me to use his listing photos and text to create this Show.  (You can see more about this gorgeous home at 1760Eastridge.com.)

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